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  What is Gurubasher FFA?

Gurubasher FFA is an upcoming World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King (WOTLK) private server based on 3.3.5a patch.
It is a Free For All (ffa) crossfaction server but a blizzlike PVP server first and foremost.

Gurubasher FFA's features
We decided to improve WOW World PVP and add more dynamism and replayability to the game with our own modifications.
The players' choice
We offer you the unique opportunity to vote for the features you'd like to see on a WOTLK PVP server.

  Free for all | Cross faction

  • Players from opposite factions can speak together.
  • Players from opposite factions can group together in order to complete quests, dungeons, raids etc...
  • Players from opposite factions can participate in battlegrounds and arenas in the same team (horde + alliance vs horde + alliance for example).
  • Players from the same faction can fight against each other.
  • All players can use the same global channels such as General, Trade, LookingForGroup, Guild Recruitment.

  Advantages | Disadvantages

  • More battlegrounds and arenas to join. Not the same premade groups over and over. No faction domination over the battlegrounds.
  • More World PVP, you don't need to wait for the other faction to start a brawl.
  • More players available to form groups and run dungeons/raids.
  • More players available to make business and find the resources you need.
  • More guilds to join, more arena teams to join.
  • Possibility to challenge your enemies from your own faction and teach them a lesson or slow their progression down.
  • No more same faction players squatting your reserved farming zone.
  • More players to socialize with, more diversity for a healthier experience, a better competition and a world really feeling alive
  • All in all, more possibilities.
  • Not fitting the lore. But everyone knows it by heart.
  A server made by players, for the players
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Our goal is to provide you with a unique WOTLK server while keeping a very blizzlike gameplay, a perfectly blizzlike end-game content.
You will be able to do everything you could do on retail and the experience will be really close to a blizzlike, but you will also benefit from our modifications that will enhance your game experience.
Besides the Free For All crossfaction part, we offered players the unique chance to decide of several features by filling two surveys. A summary of the results is available below.
More than 600 people voted.

Surveys' results

Votes are over.
Click here to view the surveys' results.
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